This time of year, when it gets dark early and the days are short and cold, I find myself squeezing very little horse time into the day. It becomes a race to get to the barn before I have to work only by the lights. As a result, I end up just bringing them in or feeding them. They love this of course. No work and the Mom becomes the feeder and treat dispenser. The joy of this is the fact that they come when they are called and are often at the gate waiting, unlike in summer when the grass is good and they are at the far end of the pasture and deaf as a doornail to my loud calls to “come in”.
Being a treat dispenser means occasionally we get a nipper. This has to be punished immediately and with great distrust, much angst, and not a little unhappiness. For a while the treats only go in the feed tub until all eager lips calm down a little. So, I am not really happy with my winter role as the Treat Dispenser. Very soon, boys, the work will be returning! Be ready!!!